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Week of 07/11/22

CFD Athletes! You all crushed the first week of the push/pull programming. This week we saw a few opportunities for "training" days where you were able to push your strength threshold as well as incorporate skill building. As a coach, this was very exciting to watch. This week you will notice the word "STIMULUS" on the whiteboard. The intention for this is to keep in mind the intended stimulus of the programming, and adjust (scale) the workout appropriately for yourself so that you are hitting that stimulus every day. Challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable! This is where we find

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Week of 07/04/22

WHEW! Last week was exciting, we got to see a lot of PRs as we closed out our 9 Week Wendler Strength Cycle! If you hit a PR this week, please let one of the coaches know so that we can give you a shout out in next week's blog post! WHAT'S NEXT?! In July we will see some classic named girl workouts but they will have a unique twist on them…maybe that means heavier bars, longer rounds, who knows?! They will be challenging and fun! The other two highlights for this month are our Gymnastics Push and Pull days.

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Week of 06/27/22

Can you believe it's the final week of June? Summers in Wisconsin always go by so fast. Hopefully you're finding time to enjoy the weather and soak up some sunshine. Speaking of sunshine… CFD is very excited to announce the latest addition to our coaching team, Coach Colin. Colin has been a member at CFD for a little over a year, and recently completed his CF-L1. In addition to CrossFit, Colin also has his L1 in Powerlifting. CFD is very excited to welcome Colin on board. WHO'S READY TO MAX OUT?! We've come to our final week in the Wendler

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Week of 06/20/22

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the CFD dads! Hopefully you were able to spend the day exactly as you liked yesterday! Get ready for DELOAD week at CFD… but make no mistake, deload does not equal easy! We will be introduced to some new movements as well as some high skill gymnastics work in our programming this week. This is our final week of the Wendler 5/3/1 program, next week is MAX OUT WEEK! JUNE STRENGTH CYCLE Week 8 (6/20-6/26) - 1x5@40% - 1x5@50% - 1x5@60% (deload) Week 9 (6/27-7/3) - Heavy 1 Rep Retests Announcements: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, CFD!

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Week of 06/13/22

It is good to be back! I have been staying in Louisiana for the past week, where I dropped in at CrossFit NOLA. Working out in 100+ temps… I thought I was going to melt into the floor at one point. Interesting to see how the equipment there is completely rusted out from the humidity and salt from human use! Looking forward to getting back to CrossFit Develop, rust free equipment, and mild Wisconsin spring temps. We are entering our FINAL BUILDING WEEK of our Wendler 5/3/1 cycle! This week we will be working very close to our "single" lift

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Week of 06/06/22

Happy Monday Athletes! There have been so many new faces at the gym lately, which is so exciting! We all remember what it was like to be the new face at the gym… make sure you take time to make the new members feel welcome by introducing yourself 🙂 Look for some new and returning challenges in our training program this week, including 18.2 and "Red Light, Green Light." Six weeks down for our 5/3/1 Strength Cycle, so make sure we continue to stick to those percentages and add the necessary weight. TRUST THE PROCESS, I can't wait to see

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Week of 05/30/22

Happy Memorial Day, and CONGRATS to those taking on MURPH! Let's finish out May strong, and welcome the warm weather and summer vacation, just around the corner! Here's what we can expect in the upcoming weeks: First and foremost, we are going to be focused on retesting our Wendler lifts at the end of the month…stay strong, trust the process, and get excited for the gains! We will continue to have two ab finishers throughout the month along with some new benchmarks that will bring great challenges for everyone! The new focuses are going to start with adding in one

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Week of 5/23/22

Happy Monday, everyone!   This week I'd like present a challenge to all who read this blog.  I'd like you to take a moment to think of an athlete at CFD that you really admire.  What is it about this person that sets them apart?  Attitude, work ethic, drive and determination... whatever it is, the challenge is to bring more of whatever that attribute is to your daily life in and out of the gym.  See how making mindful adjustments can impact your day, and those around you.  AND... if you feel so inclined, tell that person what it is you

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Week of 05/16/22

Hello CFD athletes!  Thank you all so much for the warm welcome as I find my footing as Gym Manager.  I appreciate all of the kindness and support!Monday we will be entering the third week of our Wendler's 5/3/1 strength program.  If you're a CFD vet, this isn't the first time you've done this program.  I love love love that NC Fit incorporates this program into the daily work.  The name of the game is slow and CONSISTENT.  We will continue to work at the percentages prescribed and continue to build over the next couple of months, with another 1RM test at the

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Week of 5/8/2022

Hey all this is Chris and I wanted to let all of you know that I am very excited to say that Coach Heidi will be starting to help out with this blog post!  Starting next week, she will be adding to this as she takes on a bigger role at CFD as our Gym Manager.  We are so happy to have he on board!  Thank you Heidi!  You're gonna do great!This week we are starting the actual build of the strength cycle.  Weights will feel light but that's a good thing.  They should!  Remember we will build from here. 

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