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Week of 5/26/2024

Thank you to all who joined us on Memorial Day for our annual Hero workout, “Murph.” Whether you did it this weekend, last weekend, at home, at our gym, or at another gym, we are proud of you!! This workout is not an easy one, and we’re so happy you all could do it with friends and family by your sides. Today, we remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Please continue to keep Tony and Chelsie Smidl and their newborn daughter, Willow, in your thoughts and prayers. Willow was born with CDH and is

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Week of 5/19/2024

We saw some definite Murph prep in our programming this past week with high-volume pull-ups and push-ups. Be sure to allow your shoulders and hands to properly recover before getting after it this coming week with some more grind-style workouts. Murph is just one week away! Invite your family and friends to join us — they can sign up for free using this link: https://crossfitdevelop.wodify.com/OnlineSalesPortal/ReviewPurchase.aspx?OnlineMembershipId=98035&ClassId=148649562 The more people we have coming together for this classic Memorial Day workout, the better! It's always a great way to kick off our summer. This week's programming looks like a whole lot of fun!

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Week of 5/12/2024

Great work on finishing up this strength cycle, CFD! We ended our cycle with two 3RM tests this past week — it was great to see so many people push themselves on those third reps! Now that the strength cycle is done, we will go back to general conditioning lifting, which will consist of barbell complexes and strength days, but there will not be a linear progression behind them. We will continue to get stronger by varying our strength movements! Throughout this month, we will see the gymnastics focus shift from Strict HSPU to building confidence/ capacity in toes to

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Week of 5/5/2024

Test week is here! I hope you're all rested and recovered after deload week. This week, we'll be getting after a 3-rep max test of overhead squat/front squat (Tuesday) and bench press (Friday). That third rep should be a struggle — fight through and push yourself, you can do this! We saw a fun complex in Barbell on Saturday, Rogue's "Rocket Challenge." 1 power clean + 1 front squat + 1 thruster + 1 shoulder to overhead. Coach Colin said complexes are an easy way to add variation and spend time in positions we don't normally spend time in. Barbell

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Week of 4/28/2024

It’s deload week, CFD! Let’s focus on dialing in our mechanics and keeping our weights light as we look forward to test week. Next week, we’ll be testing our 3RM for overhead squat/front squat and bench press. We’ll also see the beginning of our four-week optional Murph prep programming begin. If you plan to do Murph on May 27, please take advantage of the prep work we offer! Murph is an incredible, classic Hero WOD, but also a workout that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We want to set you up for success with this workout, as well as the days

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Week of 4/21/2024

Congratulations to Kari, Michelle, Dom, Stacy, Mel V. and Mel S., who competed at Festivus Games in Waukesha this past weekend! It was so fun seeing the six of you work together. Kari, Michelle and Dom made it to the podium with a second place finish in their division! Great work, ladies. We are proud of you for your hard work and for putting yourselves out there! Success happens when we step outside of our comfort zones. :) Our next big gym event will be Murph! On Monday, May 27, we'll be coming together once again to complete this classic

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Week of 4/14/2024

What a great week at CFD! We attacked Annie together (several PRs!), followed by a tough 24-min bike EMOM, and then a heavy barbell workout on Friday. Five of our members ran in the Milwaukee Half Marathon Saturday morning and killed it! Several of us sweat it out together Saturday for Filthy Fifty. The doors were open and the sun was shining! Summer is almost here. :) We’ll be seeing another cardio + deadlift workout this week, with a higher rep scheme on the deadlifts. Proper bracing through these deadlifts will be key. Take a few deep breaths and calm

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Week of 4/7/2024

Rowing was the name of the game this week! Between our 5,000-meter row on Wednesday and our 500-meter sprint on Saturday, we had two very different stimuli: effort and sprint. We have a couple exciting benchmarks coming up this week, Annie and Filthy Fifty. Check back in Wodify to see where you were at the last time we did these workouts, and think about how you can improve! Chris and Kelly will be taking a much-deserved vacation this week to some beautiful sunny beaches, and they'll be unplugged! If you have any questions or concerns while they're away, please reach

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Week of 3/31/2024

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends! Thank you to those who came to our Easter holiday workout on Saturday — it was great to see so many family members join us! There's nothing better than pushing through a workout with friends by your side. Our next holiday WOD is a big one — Murph! (Memorial Day) Saturday's WOD was a perfect introduction and prep for Murph. Memorial Day is two months away, be sure to keep your pull-ups and push-ups fresh. Don't forget: Our new schedule begins this week with an added

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Week of 3/24/2024

The first stage of the Open is over, and we wanted to give a special congrats to 7 CFD athletes who made it to Quarterfinals! Congratulations to Coach Courtney, Mari, Marcus, Danny, Coach Katie, Coach Chris and Coach Amanda! We’re proud of you! You may see and hear about some of these athletes doing the Quarterfinals workouts at CFD toward the end of April — cheer them on and give them a few words of encouragement, the support of a gym can make a world of difference. :) Chris says this every year at the end of the Open, but

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