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Week of 01/22/2023

Only four weeks to the CrossFit Open.  There is more info at the gym but now is the time to get signed up.  What are you waiting for!?!? Other than that... this week looks like a solid week of work.  Lots of fun stuff and quad burn headed your way CFD! 😉 Enjoy! Announcements: The Open The CrossFit Open will be held this year from February 16th through March 6th.  We will split up into teams and have the time of our lives once again.  For now, all you need to do is mark your calendars and be ready for a

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Week of 01/15/2023

Hello all!  I hope your week is off to a great start! Here is your year programming outlook. January Main Goal: Oly Cycle, Open Prep CYCLE: OLY CAPACITY / CYCLING BIAS: GPP / OPEN Details: To kick off the year, we are working on barbell cycling in our strength cycle to get us prepared for the CF Open by developing capacity and power. We will also see (1) Open workout per week and prioritize movements that typically appear in the Open in our workouts. February Main Goal: Oly Cycle, Open Prep CYCLE: OLY CAPACITY / CYCLING BIAS: GPP / OPEN

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Week of 01/08/2023

Hello everyone!  Now is the time of the year when I like to remind everyone of our rules.  Like I tell every on-ramper, we started a business, then some things happened, so we needed to set some rules in place.  These are worth going over every year and taking a close look.  Why you might ask...?  Well, that's the simple one!  Like everything we do, we put these in place to help you and provide the best overall experience for everyone at CFD.  So, without any further ado, let's start are deep dive journey together! DO… Leave your ego at

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Week of 01/01/2023

Well, we finally made it!  The first full week of 2023 is upon us.  We hope you all had a great time off and were able to relax and recharge a bit with family and friends.  As we settle back into the groove let's start the year off with a Oly cycle!  Yupp!  That's right.  This week is the start to our new Olympic Weightlifting and barbell cycle.  This is sure to get us ready for whatever get thrown our way during The Open this year. One last thing before I let you all go, let's do some comparing to

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Week of 12/25/2022

We kick the year off with an Oly cycle that is going to focus on the power variation of the Snatch/ C+J along with growing efficiency with cycling the barbell.Becoming more proficient with the bar will pay huge dividends come the 2023 CF Open! We will complement this Oly cycle with one day of Deadlifts and one day of Squats to keep our strength up!We will also be seeing one CF Open workout per week to get that “game day” feel. Movement choices in workouts most days will prioritize those that have commonly been seen in the CF Open.This will

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Week of 12/18/22

First of all, for everyone who participated in the Rogue challenge this past Sunday, thanks for all the great memories and strong work!  It was a great time.  The energy was high and between the competitors and the spectators it was an event that I won't soon forget. With the holidays, please keep your eyes on the announcements down below to understand when the gym will be closed or open.  We hope to be able to see everyone at a holiday WOD.  Don't forget to bring your friends and family members that may be in town for the holiday weekend.

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Week of 12/11/22

Well, I'm back!  Coach Chris here once again on the blog.  You can tell because it's fashionably late 😉. I don't have much to say this week besides let's finish this year out strong.  We have a very active end to 2022 and an even more crazy start to 2023.  Please keep your eyes on the announcements below to stay up to date with all that going on. Let's go get it the remainder of this week CFD!!! Announcements: Updated Class Schedule Starting this week, we will have 4:30pm CrossFit class followed by Open Gym from  5:30-6:30pm on Wednesdays.  Also,

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Week of 12/05/22

WELP… here it is. My last blog as CFD Manager. I want to thank you all for an amazing experience and opportunity to get to know you as a coach and as a friend. I am truly sad to have to say farewell to you all this week. Develop Barbell Club is in good hands with Coach Colin, and I look forward to dropping in to his classes in the future. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. ❤️ (in the meantime, enjoy this classy photo of me, and I will see you Sunday, December 18th for the Rogue

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Week of 11/28/22

Happy Sunday, CFD! I am totally suffering from the Sunday Scaries after a long holiday weekend at home. Things are getting crazy with holiday season in full swing… Thankfully there are lots of December challenges at CFD to help us all stay on track (and keep our sanity)! December - GOAT Challenge 🐐“Goat” is CrossFit slang for a movement that challenges us. Examples: Double-Unders, Pull-ups, Handstand Push-ups, Rope Climbs, etc. Here is a way to turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths. This challenge is geared towards “practice,” dialing in our mechanics with a controlled heart rate. Meaning, not in the

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Week of 11/21/22

Happy Holdiay Week, CFD!  As usual, CFD will have an adjusted Holiday Schedule.  Monday thru Wednesday will be business as usual, Thursday we will have ONE WORKOUT scheduled at 8 am.  This workout is open to friends and family, please have your guests register with this link: https://crossfitdevelop.wodify.com/OnlineSalesPortal/ReviewPurchase.aspx?OnlineMembershipId=98035&ClassId=127340650&fbclid=IwAR3k22f6VnbTEKBPs1LuwKEH0nQE8c6wZUk2unrtVGEnsuPuJ-8Pykx39S8 Need help staying on track with your nutrition over the holidays?  Join our "Holiday Weight Loss Challenge" We've said it many times: you spend 1 hour at the gym - what do you do in the remaining 23 hours? CrossFit Develop is starting one Wednesday, November 23. The contest will run for 6

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